Projects: CH2 t41nt3d [<3]

CH2 t41nt3d [<3] (read: tainted love)

Info: t41nt3d [<3] is a collection of uncompiled computer virus code and two CH2 custom executables bundled on usb, stored in custom laser cut packages, and displayed as products. During t41nt3d [<3]'s first installation, 7 of our 36 virus packages were stolen.

Projects: glitchDirJPG, a Processing Sketch for glitching directories of jpegs

Download zip: glitchDirJPG

Info: // glitchJPGdirectory by ChannelTWO
// a simple program that goes through a directory and changes bytes to glitch jpegs
// License:
// Uses "Directory Listing" from by Daniel Shiffman

Projects: CH2 / Till The World Ends.

CH2 Experimental Media (game engine cinema)

Info: "See the sunlight, we ain't stoppin' Keep on dancing till the world ends If you feel it, let it happen Keep on dancing till the world ends till the world ends till the world ends"

Til the World Ends from Channel TWO on Vimeo.

Projects: CH2 / Minecraft Texture Pack

CH2 Minecraft Texture Pack (designed for

Info: modified texture pack for Minecraft.

Install on your Mac > Library > Application Support > minecraft > texturepacks

Projects: BOT (Artificial Intelligence) / Standard-issue Information Retrieval (SIR)

Standard-issue Information Retrieval (SIR)
Temporary Site (August 2012 only): [this site is no longer online]

Info: This system has been trained on a variety of sources. It learns the syntax and vocabulary of its sources but not the meaning of what it has read. As a result, its responses may seem offensive. Works cited: Hairy Blob (Adelheid Mers), 8088 microprocessor manual, In A Queer Time and Place (Judith Halberstam).

Bot by Max Metzger. Max Metzger works in the field of artificial intelligence. Web design+dev by

Projects: DLC (Downloadable Content) / Instructions for hearing the ocean.

Instructions for hearing the Ocean beta 1.8.

Info: web based downloadable content including geometry and audio, and a physical paper craft protoype for assembly and/or exhibition

Projects: PLAY / networked media-distribution system created in Max/Jitter.


Info: Play is now being released as unsupported, open sourced software under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Click here to download Play. In order to edit or use Play, you will need Max/Jitter. (We would welcome a translation of Play to Puredata/GEM). As an application, Play is not an off-the-shelf solution. When we looked for an easily adaptable video player that could pull from specific playlists, nothing was available that met our needs. We are offering Play here for others who might have similar needs. While we cannot fully support you in your use of Play, we will attempt to answer questions.

Dreamy Advertising

Dreamy Advertising

Dreamy Advertising

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