Projects: EPISODES

EPISODES 1.0 (2012-2013)

system: multi-level single-channel projected interactive virtual environment (w/audio); application runs on a Mac; uses wireless PS2 gamepad(s) or customized wiimotes; requires wireless network

concept: “EPISODES 1.0,” is a multi-level, interactive landscape of rolling landscapes/dirt roads, uncapped landfills, and concrete portals through which guests/users can access underground spaces. This virtual environment is modeled after the WMI Pheasant Run Landfill, a municipal solid waste facility. CH2‘s iconographic object/symbol array [Seven, Soda, Cherries, Coins, Bones, Bomb] is embedded throughout the landscape, acting as cues to a game taking place beneath the surface. “EPISODES” uses layers, levels, and trespassing via the physicality of rolling trash mountains (complex beauty of a collaborative built natural environment) and through the implied social/economic stratiforms and discrepancies present in gaming concepts (luck, time, winning).

form: EPISODES 1.0 is a larger than life projected video game environment.

media: available upon request,



PROTOCOLS (2012-2013)

system: 5-channel video, streaming rss; configured for available screen based and/or sign system technologies; requires internet

concept: Protocols is a mixed reality system of BOOM!, MMM!, SCORE!, POWER!, SICK!, ENJOY! looping game protocol transmissions integrating video, live rss feeds, and online activity, that takes place over the course of several weeks. Artists, audience, and artificial intelligence bots play together. There is more to the game than you may expect.

form: Protocols is a screen-based multi-channel moving image sequence involving a suite of custom, brand oriented, Channel TWo (CH2) game/lotto iconography (cherries, token and satellite, aluminum can, explosives, lucky seven, skull and bones). Installation takes the specific rolling form of slot machines, programmed in synchronous and asynchronous patterns.

media: available upon request,


Projects: FIND EACH OTHER. Begin there.

FIND EACH OTHER. Begin there. (2012)

system: 2-channel projected interactive networked virtual environment (w/audio); application runs on 2 Macs; uses wireless PS2 gamepads or customized wiimotes; requires wireless network

concept: "FIND EACH OTHER. Begin there." integrates a bucolic representation of farmlands, the promises of sustainable energy, time and space for wandering/leisure and an underlying sense that things are not what they seem to be."FIND EACH OTHER. Begin there." is interactive and social. Using wireless gamepads players can run through the space in search of each other, or they can stay put and wait. Players must negotiate, communicate, and collaborate with each other in real space/time in order to orient themselves and find each other in the game space. "FIND EACH OTHER. Begin there." is an aesthetic, sensory, and critical experience intersecting the complexities of conflict and space, psychology of will, collaboration/exchange, and the individuals relationship to power and control. "FIND EACH OTHER. Begin there." is intentionally designed to be accessible to both existing art audiences and welcome to a broader range of entertainment-focused audiences of all ages and demographics. We present leisure-based critical reflection and an invitation to participate in a new kind of social/art experience.

form: "FIND EACH OTHER. Begin there." is a larger than life dual projection video game environment. Installation takes place on opposite walls with room inbetween the projections for people to engage with the work, engage with each other, while collaborating in virtual and real life space/time.

media: available upon request,


Projects: polyCopRiotNode(Chicago)

polyCopRiotNode(Chicago) (2012)

system: augmented reality public work; v1b3 on layar at geo 41.888270 -87.624640; requires layar app and smart phone

concept: "You think this can last? There's a storm coming. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you're all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us." Find a polyCopRiotNode protecting commerce near the intersection Wacker and Michigan. While a polyCopRiotNode can be hard to detect, it is always present.

form: polyCopRiotNode(Chicago) is a collosal law enforcement presence, on guard and ready to protect the rights of commerce.

media: available upon request,


Projects: keywords: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, lineup, road trip, road kill

keywords: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, lineup, road trip, road kill (2012)

system: net art;; requires www access, browser, audio

concept: "keywords: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, lineup, road trip, road kill" repurposes "There is no escaping here" (video) into a context exploring and celebrating seasonal campaigns, driving, and consuming.

form: "keywords: Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, lineup, road trip, road kill" is a web presence/composition, using basic html/css/javascript, accessible via any browser supporting device.

media: available upon request,


Projects: There is no escaping here.

There is no escaping here. (2011)

system: modular installation, camcorder, tape, mirror, signage; requires electricity

concept: "There is no escaping here." is recursion without origin, in and out of the box, looping forever. While instructions for playback mode are provided, it gets you nowhere.

form: "There is no escaping here." can be installed and configured in relationship to the space in which is resides. The tape is set to automatically rewind every 40 minutes as long as the electricity keeps flowing. This work is maintenance free and requires little responsibility.

media: available upon request,


Projects: _______ On Channel TWo (play)

_______ On Channel TWo (play) (2011)

system: media, custom software, drop box, mac; requires internet

concept: Play is a networked media-distribution system created in Max/Jitter. Play was developed as part of "NYC on Channel TWo", a 2010 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc., for its Turbulence web site ( It was supported in part by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the City Council. Play was further refined for the exhibition "File Type" at Gallery 400 at the University of Illinois at Chicago, curated by Chaz Evans and Lorelei Stewart. Our contribution, this second iteration, titled "File Extension" both documented Play as a system, and offered an opportunity for open participation, and use of Play as a public access network right there in the gallery.

form: Play is now being released as unsupported, open sourced software under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. Click here to download Play in a zip file. In order to edit or use Play, you will need Max/Jitter. (We would welcome a translation of Play to Puredata/GEM). As an application, Play is not an off-the-shelf solution. When we looked for an easily adaptable video player that could pull from specific playlists, nothing was available that met our needs. We are offering Play here for others who might have similar needs. While we cannot fully support you in your use of Play, we will attempt to answer questions.

media: Click here to download Play in a zip file


Projects: LaLa(dot)com

LaLa(dot)com (since forever)

system: animated gif; requires www browser

concept: Trowbridge and Westbrook Primordial Media Sludge <3

learn more: How GIF Trash Became Internet Culture Glue; "There was a timing intersection between Web development in the early days, animated GIFs as a way of passing time in the corporate culture I/we were involved with, and then Lala having a networked presence because she was still on television at the time." The animated GIF, in its 256 colors, feels like an old blanket, saved from the trash heap for some unknown reason, and then reappearing anew on the screen."

form: animated gif,

media: available upon request,


Dreamy Advertising

Dreamy Advertising

Dreamy Advertising

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